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About Us

Our Featured Partner

Who are we

A business specialized on building and training nearshore teams for 3PLs and freightTechs

Scouting and onboarding talent

100% dedicated operational floor for your team

Handling and managing payroll

Supporting our clients in their daily operational needs

Located in Honduras, Central America, and established in 2014, we have been helping Logistics and Freighttech companies in hiring top talent and building their nearshore teams in our office sites.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding nearshoring solutions by tailoring our services to your specific needs, to guarantee results beyond your expectations and positioning Avanza as real growth partners.

The Avanza's difference

Building high performance sales development teams to complement and boost your existing sales operations

Our SDR Services can help you to streamline your cold outreach and prospecting work by handling the Research and Developing stage when initiating the outreach process. 

Sales Logistics industry knowledge

Leveraging our first-hand experience in logistics and providing a strong sales training, our goal is to bring in front of your sales team qualified new business opportunities.

Quality Monitoring

To guarantee results and sales quality, our Sr. Account Managers will ensure that your SDR team is sticking to your company sales strategies and game plan.


Meet Our Senior Account Managers

At Avanza, we pride ourselves on the exceptional talent that drives our success.

Our Senior Account Managers embody this commitment to excellence. With a rich background in logistics and a passion for building strong client relationships, this team has overseen our clients’ nearshore success with the dedication needed to move the industry forward.

Learn more about their trajectory in their own words.

"My career in the freight industry started in 2014 as a Carrier Development Agent. I was responsible for building carrier relationships and securing live capacity for shipments. I advanced to become a Carrier Sales Agent, where I achieved significant success, covering over $200,000 in gross profit in a single month. These experiences honed my negotiation, communication, and decision-making skills, leading to my current role as a Sr. Account Manager. I leverage my first-hand experience to lead confidently and drive success for our client’s nearshore teams".

AVANZA's Senior Account Manager
Casey Ebanks Senior Account Manager

"With over 8 years of experience in the logistics industry, I have developed a diverse skill set. Starting as a Load Coordinator, I progressed to roles such as Freight Broker and Carrier Compliance Manager, gaining expertise in managing transportation networks and ensuring regulatory compliance. As Director of Customer Service, I managed Fortune 500 accounts and oversaw large-scale operations, while building strong client relationships. Currently, as a Senior Account Manager at Avanza, I help our clients to lead and manage their nearshore team by providing a personalized approach and solutions to meet each client's unique needs".

Lawrence Linwood Senior Account Manager

My career in logistics began as a Business Development Agent (BDR), where I started by reaching out to potential freight customers. My dedication, ability to adapt, and desire for growth opened the doors to a deeper understanding of the industry. I gained skills in load bidding, customer service, and other areas. Later, I had the opportunity to ramp up the back-office team of a FreightTech company allowing me to build and expand a team from 2 to 30 agents. As a Sr. Account Manager, I've collaborated with logistics companies and non-freight-related companies to tailor solutions to their needs. Recently, I was assigned to a 3PL to grow their SDR team from 2 to 10 agents. Many of our agents have advanced within our client organization. These experiences have sharpened my skills in customer relations, team development, and strategic growth, shaping me to successfully build and lead our client’s nearshore teams in a collaborative environment.

Avanza's Senior Account Manager
Anthony Gutierrez Senior Account Manager

Why nearshoring in Honduras?

Visit our site and discover the benefits of Honduras for nearshore operations

Honduras offers a unique talent pool of highly skilled, bilingual professionals, bolstered by partnerships with bilingual universities for seamless recruitment.

Nestled at the heart of Central America, Honduras conveniently has five international airports enabling easy 3-hour flights from several U.S. cities. Honduras is also home of the largest seaport in Central America in terms of volume of traffic.

An emerging market, with booming diverse business opportunities in real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, textiles, and more.

From being home of the second largest coral barrier reef to pristine rivers ideal for kayaking and rafting, Honduras appeals to adventure seekers.

Enjoy golf, tennis, fine dining, and more.

Honduras has a strong American cultural affinity which ensures a smooth transition for companies building nearshore teams. With shared interests such as food, sports, music, TV series, business, and fashion.

In the evolving logistics sector, success hinges on skilled personnel. Partner with Avanza in Honduras to boost innovation, productivity, and customer satisfaction with superior staffing solutions.

Ready to start building your nearshore team?