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Our Services

Our Services

Services and Solutions created to support the logistics and transportation industry

Freight Brokerage

Billing & Collection

Logistics & Supply Chain

Custom Industry Process

Customer Service

Call Center

Accounting Support

Tailored Services

Seamless integration of nearshore trained talent

Elevate your operational efficiency, drive sales, and improve customer experience with AVANZA’s expertly trained agents. Specialized in critical roles like Sales Logistics, Carrier Sales, Customer Support, and more. 

Ready to elevate your operations and sales team? Contact us to interview agents with no obligation.


Freight Brokerage and 3PL operations are a complex ecosystem where different departments and parties simultaneously work together to accomplish one common goal…Move a shipment from point A to point B.  

We can support your FTL, LTL, or Drayage Freight Brokerage operations with Carrier Sales Agents, Pricing Agents, Load Trackers, Capacity Managers, Carrier Compliance, and more.

Sales & Revenue Generation

Integrate our SDRs/BDRs to your existing Sales Operations or build and add a Business Development Department bracket to your organization with our help!

Our team will streamline and handle the research and development work of the initial cold outreach and prospecting work.

Our secret recipe for finding talented sales agents + our sales training is changing the game in Sales Nearshore Staffing.


Tracking & Visibility / Pricing & Analytics / TMS / Invoicing & Auditing – We build custom-made nearshore teams with tailored training to understand the unique features and capabilities of your products.

Our logistics savvies Account Managers with the help of our custom-made training program for Customer Service and Back-Office Support will help you build the team you need to serve and support your tech products and platforms.


Customer Service is more than just answering inquiries. It plays a major role in Customer Retention, Customer Renewals, Customer Loyalty, and more. However, building an in-house team is costly and time-consuming.

AVANZA solves this with a 13% agent turnover, offering experienced agents to improve your Customer Service Experience and preventing contract cancellations. 


In the competitive landscape of the logistics industry, finance efficiency is paramount. Keep cash flow steady, forecast effectively, allocate resources efficiently and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.   


AVANZA helps you streamline your billing, collections, and accounts receivable processes, ensuring timely invoice management and payments. 


Engaging with customers daily is essential for all businesses, but challenging as operations expand and grow. AVANZA stands out in the outbound/inbound call center sector, offering years of experience to help you manage and handle your call volume and call center operations.

AVANZA's Cutting-Edge Partnerships

Avanza leverages cutting-edge partnerships to ensure seamless transitions and unparalleled success for your business


Tools that keep the industry moving

At Avanza, we enhance our SDR agents' performance using MonsterConnect's powerful dialer tools, enabling efficient and effective outreach.

Additionally, our clients' agents receive comprehensive training through our 360-degree program with Sync Logistics, covering all aspects of the logistics industry to ensure exceptional results.

Featured Question Answer

Frequently Asked Question You Should Know

AVANZA specializes in a comprehensive range of services including Freight Brokerage, Logistics & Supply Chain management, Customer Service & Support, Accounting Support, Billing and Collections, Custom Industry Processes, and Call Center operations.

Our nearshore staffing solutions are designed to offer back office support, sales and revenue generation, and customized business strategies tailored to the logistics industry and beyond.

We meticulously select our nearshore agents through a rigorous recruitment process, emphasizing industry knowledge, language proficiency, and skillset. Continuous training and performance evaluations further ensure our team meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Absolutely. AVANZA offers tailored solutions designed with your unique business requirements in mind. Our team works closely with you to understand your operational needs and develop customized strategies to achieve your goals.

AVANZA stands out due to our deep-rooted expertise in the logistics sector, family-owned business values, and commitment to building teams that not only understand but also speak the industry language. Our focus on nearshore solutions ensures seamless integration with your existing operations.

At AVANZA, we pride ourselves on our efficient process, typically taking two weeks from the discovery phase until onboarding. This swift timeline ensures your nearshore team is up and ready to tackle tasks as soon as possible, allowing you to quickly benefit from our expert support and services.

Absolutely not. AVANZA's nearshore solutions are designed to function as an extension of your current operations rather than a replacement. Our goal is to enhance your team's capabilities by providing additional staffing to handle tasks more efficiently, with the added benefit of cost savings. We work alongside your existing staff to bolster your operational capacity, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration.

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