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One of our priorities here at AVANZA Logistics is to make the process as seamless as possible by implementing superior customer support solutions that will keep your business operations streamlined and running efficiently.

Freight Brokerage

Logistics & Supply Chain

Customer Service & Support

Accounting Support

Billing and Collections

Custom Industry Processes

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Shipping is a complex ecosystem but our freight brokerage services are there to guide you along every step of the way.

Freight brokerage can save you money and time since our professionals have extensive industry expertise and connections to negotiate lower rates for you, as well as to handle all communications between shippers and carriers.

With our vast network of pre-qualified carriers, we are ready for all your shipment needs at any time. Making your freight and spot-freight moves efficient and simple is our specialty. And with a dedicated account executive assigned to your business, you have instant access to the largest network of carriers in North America.

Ready to start moving freight?


At AVANZA Logistics, we seek to solve your logistics & supply chain needs from end to end by taking the complexity out of container shipping.

We are leading providers of innovative supply chain solutions that combine our global network and deep expertise with pioneering digital innovation to help our customers stay ahead and move forward.

Our team becomes an extension of yours, following your strategy and maintaining the same standards of operational excellence.


Customer service and support is now more important than ever, but creating that department in your business is not cost-effective. Outsourcing your customer service operations allows you to focus on your business and growth. 

AVANZA Logistics has a team of highly qualified service and support experts who have spent years in the customer communication business and have perfected their management process. Our focus is on personalized communication, scaled. Each customer receives the individual focus they deserve and we are able to do that hundreds of times a day with the same results.

Accounting Support

We can help out with anything related to Accounting.
We have experience with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Customer Setup.

Feel at ease and focus on your core business because we take care of uploading, approving or processing invoices.
We will also check vendor’s credit scores and if they meet the criteria will proceed to send them setup forms, request credit references, gather accounts payable information and finally confirm all information is correct. 


Billing clients and getting paid is fundamental in business. AVANZA Logistics ensures your invoices are sent and paid in a timely fashion with our billing and accounts receivable services.

We can invoice your customers, make deposits, track payables, oversee collections, review and prepare reports, record daily sales and reconcile with POS systems.

In addition to the convenience of our anytime, anywhere access, our efficient workflow means your bills are only entered once, thus eliminating double entries and the risk for human error. Our fully paperless process eliminates the need for paper document storage so you have more space to expand your business.


Creating custom industry processes means that a unique process is engineered or crafted for each particular customer. Thus it’s very important to choose a provider that can offer you that flexibility and agility.

With AVANZA Logistics, you’re updated along every step of the way from the initial assessment, to the creation of the new process, integration and finally applying it for production.


A critical part of any growing business or startup is relating with customers on a daily basis. However, as your business grows, it gets increasingly difficult to keep making outgoing calls without disrupting your everyday operations.

The best solution to being able to run your business while keeping your existing customers satisfied and also working on getting new ones is to outsource.

AVANZA Logistics is a leader in the outbound call center industry with years in the business and a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals. Whether it’s sales calls, setting appointments or getting feedback, our team is ready to help!

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