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Avanza’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means that every company that partners with us will continue to hire and scale their operations with Avanza. Experience a seamless transition to nearshoring and grow your teams smoothly without compromising the quality of your services.

Freight Brokerage

Logistics & Supply Chain

Customer Service & Support

Accounting Support

Billing and Collections

Custom Industry Processes

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Freight brokerage involves a wide variety of tasks and processes. Some of these processes are done manually and others are now automated thanks to the new technology available in the industry. However, even with all the new technology, one thing is certain, these processes need to be executed in an orchestrated way to ensure smooth pick-ups and deliveries. 

Our robust theoretical and practical training program  sets up our agents for success. With Avanza, you will have access to a pool of agents ready to perform as Carrier Sales Agents, Customer Service/Support Representatives, Inside Sales Agents, SDRs, Load Trackers, and more.

Book loads, source for capacity, negotiate truck rates, setup PU and DEL appts, answer load inquiries to clients, setup carriers in your TMS, track loads and much more with Avanza.

Ready to start building your nearshore team with Avanza? Our agent turnover rate is as low as 14% a year.


FreightTech companies are here to help and boost the logistics and transportation industry. Avanza is proud to be working with this special niche of company that focuses on making logistics better by simplifying processes and automating services. 

Thanks to our custom-made training program for Customer Service and Back-Office Support, FreightTech companies can build their nearshore back-office teams to support the back-end operations of the products and services that they offer.  

From Client Support, Admin work, Accounting Support, Data Entry, Ticketing, to SDRs…Avanza can help you increase productivity and deliver an exceptional customer service experience to your clients.

Take your product and services to the next level!   


Customer Service and Support is now more important than ever, but creating that department in your business is not always cost-effective and takes a lot of time to manage. Some of the main issues with building an in-house Customer Service team are agent turnover and labor shortages. Outsourcing your customer service operations is probably one of the most used solutions, but you need to make sure you do it with the correct business partner.  

AVANZA not only offers you talented staff, but an agent turnover as low as 14% a year. This gives you the ability to staff your Customer Service team and Client Support team with experienced agents and team leaders who understand your operations. 

 Increase customer retention, improve customer experience, and increase revenue by providing world-class customer service to your clients. 

Some of our services are Onboarding Specialists, Ticketing, Customer Support, Client Inquiries, Call Center, Appointment Setters, Demo and Meeting Scheduling, Account Coordinator, Help Desk Support, Tech Support and more. 

Accounting Support

We can help out with anything related to Accounting.
We have experience with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Customer Setup.

Feel at ease and focus on your core business because we take care of uploading, approving or processing invoices.

We will also check vendor’s credit scores and if they meet the criteria will proceed to send them setup forms, request credit references, gather accounts payable information and finally confirm all information is correct. 


Billing clients and getting paid is fundamental in business. AVANZA ensures your invoices are sent and paid in a timely fashion with our billing and accounts receivable services.

With Avanza you can build a team to invoice your customers, make deposits, track payables, oversee collections, review and prepare reports, record daily sales and reconcile with POS systems.

In addition to the convenience of our anytime, anywhere access, our efficient workflow means your bills are only entered once, thus eliminating double entries and the risk for human error. Our fully paperless process eliminates the need for paper document storage so you have more space to expand your business.


Avanza Inside Sales Training Program was made to form sales rockstars for our clients. Our main goal is to offer you top-notch sales agents with the ability to perform as BDRs, SDRs, Lead Generation and Account Executives, who will help you drive revenue and increase profit. 

We can provide you with talented sales agents to support and improve your sales efforts. Avanza serves a variety of industries and our agents are capable of selling and offering all kinds of products and services to leads and prospects. 

Ready to build your team of BRDs and SDRs? Contact us and start interviewing agents with no commitment at all.    


A critical part of any growing business or startup is relating with customers on a daily basis. However, as your business grows, it gets increasingly difficult to keep making outgoing calls without disrupting your everyday operations.

The best solution to being able to run your business while keeping your existing customers satisfied and also working on getting new ones is to outsource.

AVANZA is a leader in the outbound call center industry with years in the business and a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals. Whether it’s sales calls, setting appointments or getting feedback, our team is ready to help!

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