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Case Studies

Shipment and Truck Tracking Software

Create an operations team around a Load and Truck Tracking Software to increase client enrollment and client retention through
Customer Service and Account Management.

The Challenge

The Tracking Software Application Company needs to ensure that every shipment from their clients is being tracked by their online Tracking App. For this, they need every trucking company hauling a load to be enrolled/setup on their Platform to be visible and trackable. Moreover, they also need a customer service team to show Trucking Company Managers and Drivers how to use the App and solve any inquiries that they might have.

The Solution

Avanza-Logistics along with our customer, decided to create three teams to handle each of the different responsibilities that this operation involves. This model is going to allow our agents to perform at their best and deliver high quality results. The operation will demand handling and working with a high volume of calls, emails, and text messages.

Our main goals are to ensure that trucking companies are successfully registered in our customer’s Platform and to make sure they understand how it works. Second, to monitor all our customer’s client loads to identify which shipments are not “visible” in the platform. Additionally, provide 24/7 support to help Trucking Companies resolve issues and inquiries related to the Platform and Mobile Application.

  • Our ELD Support Team (Electronic Logging Device) will be responsible for registering the Trucking Companies and setting up their ELDs with our client Software Platform. They will also handle inquiries (cases) via CRM and inbound calls. These cases need a resolution and are related to the ELDs systems.

  • The Driver Support Team (DST) will monitor the Load Boards and make sure all loads are visible and trackable in the system. When a load is not “visible” our agents need to call the driver assigned to that load and confirm the information in the system.

  • Client Support Team will handle all inbound calls from trucking companies (Dispatchers, Managers, Floor/Shift Supervisors) when their drivers are having issues with the Mobile Application.

  • Our after hours and weekend team will ensure coverage for our client operations. This team will provide help to drivers and trucking companies. They will also escalate inquiries that are ELD or Client Support related.

The Result

By establishing processes and SOPs, we created a seamless and efficient operation. Avanza- Logistics has become one of the major partners of our client. Leading to opening new positions of higher responsibility such as Customer Success Manager, Sales Development Reps and Floor Managers.

Over 36,000 loads are checked per month to guarantee tracking and visibility is accurate in the platform. This has resulted in 14,000 loads going from “not visible” to “visible” each month. Around 40% conversion rate. Our Driver Support Team is responsible for this.

The Client Support Agent handles an average of 50 cases per day, which usually involves trucking company managers and dispatchers requesting to call their drivers and assist them with the Mobile App.

Our ELD Representative team handles and solve 40 to 50 cases per day. This is done through CRM and inbound calls. They also integrate from 50 to 100 carriers ELDs per week to our client’s platform.

Our partnership with our customer allows them to provide 24/7 assistance and support to their clients. Our customer has received compliments from their clients for the level of service and coverage that our team provides.